How to Play Beer Pong

Beer pong, which is sometimes referred to as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in one of 10 cups filled with beer on the other end of the table. The game typically consists of two teams of two to four players and multiple cups set up, in triangle formation, on each side consisting of 10 cups. Beer pong rules vary and can be found on this site.

The basic rules of beer pong are that each team takes turns attempting to shoot ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups and if a ball lands in a cup, the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team. Also, after the team drinks the contents of the cup, the cup is taken out of the game. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups is the winner.

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  1. If Beirut is now called “Beer Pong,” what is the ACTUAL game of Beer Pong now called? I’m talking about the two or four man game where you ACTUALLY USE PING PONG PADDLES to attempt to hit the ball at or into your opponent’s cup! How did everyone F up the names of the two ping pong-based drinking games so badly???

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